Confidentiality Terms

Guarantee of Privacy

The Talking Compass places utmost importance on each of its client's information and guarantees complete and persistent confidentiality in accordance with the highest ethical standards followed in psychotherapeutic and counselling practice. You are safe and secure with us. We vouch to preserving the sanctity of your personal information as a priority.

Terms and Conditions

We provide counselling, coaching, therapeutic and skill building services for individuals, communities and organizations in physical and digital space. We do not provide medical assistance and regrettably can't help you for acute psychiatric distress or suicidal ideation. If you are experiencing intense medical or psychiatric disturbance, please check into your nearest hospital's emergency room and call a family member, colleague or a trusted friend.

Assessment Criteria

All our clients first engage in an individual conversation with a counselor or a therapist either over skype or in person in order to best understand the issues, followed by a  comprehensive case formulation and determining the best possible treatment and help options. We reserve the right to provide service to prospective clients basis our evaluation and ethical consideration.