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Our Specializations

Mental Health Counselling

We offer contact based short and long term multi-modal therapies for folks affected by bipolar/moods disorder, depressive cycles, seasonal affect disorder and cyclothymia, among other psychological disorders. We provide counseling for both children and adults.

Anxiety and Panic

A considerable amount of people globally experience panic attacks and anxiety related discomforts in their daily lives. We help you by showing you ways to create and manage coping mechanisms and strategies to minimise and even eliminate the effect of both these conditions. 

Personality-based wellness

Personality is not always congruent and socio-cultural factors do cause dissonance. Certain issues stemming from this can cause people to have diminished quality of interpersonal relationships as well as lower levels of satisfaction when it comes to happiness and peace of mind. We collaborate with you to find the most useful solutions that can help you while handling issues relating to borderline, narcissistic and other forms of personality disorders. 

Relationships and Marital Counseling

Experiencing a lower levels of emotional contentment and fulfillment in your intimate partnerships? Every relationship in our lives  is prone to ups and downs however with the help of counseling, you can reduce the frequency of low phases and find out healthier ways of engaging with your partner and reaffirming your togetherness.

Emotional Detox

We all need moments of psychological and emotional cleansing that allow us to destress and regulate our mental homeostasis. Using inter-disciplinary methods of talk therapy, meditation rituals and compassion studies, we help our clients get some much needed "soulitude" in a crowded and speeding world. 

Coaching & Training

We invite organizations that need help to improve the performance and emotional health of their talent pool through people focussed learning and engagement, to reach out to us. We design our own training curriculum combining academic research, industry specific case studies, audio/visual learning tools and live practice sessions that make use of drama therapy for interaction and response management.

Our Additional Solutions

LGBTQ Focussed Therapy


We believe in intersectionality and creating a safe, involving space for communities that have been historically marginalized or disenfranchised. We provide specialized counseling services for members of the LGBTQNBI community as well as design workshops and support groups for family members. We are a non-discriminatory space and you are safe with us.

Seminars, Workshops and Conferences


We welcome collaborative opportunities to create, contribute to and catalyze through seminars, literary events/fests, workshops, conferences both digitally and in physical spaces. We bring eclectic experience collected from working with corporate as well as non-profit sectors on everything from strategy sessions to art and literature festivals. 

Career Counselling


Career guidance can help build strong and long-lasting futures as well as provide new directions to people who are looking for a different kind of challenge to make  meaningful changes in their professional lives. We can assist you in finding as well as managing your professional path.