What Our Clients Say


"Thank you for helping me articulate my need for care and affection in life. Therapy has helped me step up and ask for what I need instead of passive aggressive arguments. For years I suppressed my borderline condition. Now, I am more comfortable discussing it with others."

- JD, 31 (Journalist, New Delhi)

"Therapy helped me realize that depression isn't the end of everything. Scherezade's openness about her own journey with depression was a HUGE help."

- B, 28 (Doctor, Mumbai)

"Scherezade turned a topsy turvy mind around!! I didn't trust counselors or counseling but now I swear by it!"

- M, 22 (Student, Kolkata)

What I really appreciate is the amount of effort this whole team puts into following up and scheduling. They accommodated my requests almost every single time I had to change due to my job or family issues. Scherezade and her team are my support system now.

- K, 39 (Entertainer, Mumbai)

Wholesome. Thats what Scherezade is. Her unique approach is diverse and humane. You know you are speaking to someone who talks from experience not just random textbook knowledge. 

- V, 50 (CEO, Chicago)

I am a small town girl and I never thought therapy or counseling was for me. I was afraid of getting help. I spoke to my therapist here and started realizing how wrong I was to believe that only severe mental illness needs therapy. I have benefitted so much especially in dealing with my marriage.

- G, 29 (Freelancer, Raigad)